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Stay healthy, improve focus, build concentration and enhance your memory!

A healthy mind and a healthy body is the greatest of all wealth one can have. With our yoga classes, learn to keep fit, steady your mind, build concentration and improve your memory!

Kids Yoga

Kids YogaAttention or Focus is the cognitive process of selectively concentrating on one aspect of the environment while ignoring other things. With superior attention, one can achieve great results.

Most children lack focus and have the tendency to get easily distracted. This results in either losing what is being taught in school or having to repeat the topic several times before it gets fully registered in the child’s brain.

Yoga has proven to calm a fidgeting mind and help relax the body. Using a combination of physical exercises, breath control and memory and concentration games, children can be trained to sharpen their focus, increase their concentration and naturally be more attentive.

Benefits of Kids Yoga

With Accel Learning’s Yoga for kids course, you will be able to:

  • Using Yoga and breath control, learn how to improve focus and concentration
  • Play fun games to improve concentration
  • Reduce distraction and fidgeting and improve memory retention

Adult Yoga

Adult YogaHealth is the said to be greatest of wealth. Having a good health, focused mind, increased attention and a calmer state are the keys to a happy life.

At Accel Learning, we teach Yoga for all needs. Whether it is helping you improve your health condition or simply increase your agility, we have yoga for all levels.

Starting up a new practice may come easily to you if you’ve been fairly physically active through your life, but if you’re new to Yoga, we would work with you at the Beginner level.

If you have been doing daily exercises and feel you are ready of advanced yoga, we will work with you are an Advanced level.

Accel Learning offers both Group based yoga classes as well as Private one on on basis Yoga classes.

Benefits of Yoga

With Accel Learning’s Yoga for Adults course, you will be able to:

  • Using Asanas (body postures), you will be able to improve agility
  • Using Pranayama (Breathing exercises), you will be able to increase vitality
  • Using Meditation, you will be able to stay calm and focused

Join Yoga Classes at Accel Learning.

Accel Learning offers Yoga Classes for kids 6 years and above as well as Adults.

Classes are offered on Mondays from 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm and Wednesdays from 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm.

All classes are for 60 minutes each. Choose from private 1-on-1 classes or group classes with 2-3 students.

No Registration fees and no Contract.Pay as you go. Only $60/month (4 weeks) for group classes or $100/month (4 weeks) for private classes. All inclusive fees for one hour of class each week.

Join our classes and Discover Health, Peace and Love now.



Meena Bhavsar, Yoga Instructor

With over 20 years of teaching and practicing Yoga, Meena has taught Adults as well as kids in all kinds of Asanas – body postures, Pranayama – Breathing techniques and Dhyana – Guided Meditation. She has helped many students gain health and harmony.

MEENA BHAVSAR, Yoga Instructor



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Join our classes and unleash your creative potential now.



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