• A valid Credit or Debit card is required at the time of registration
  • Payment will be charged automatically on your credit card every 4 weeks
  • For cancellation or stopping any subscription, please refer to How do I to learn how to cancel a subscription. We do not have the ability to make any changes on your behalf
  • Fees once paid are binding. There will be no refund or credit transferred to any future month or to another student or class for any unused or missed classes
  • Update your credit or debit card as soon as possible otherwise new appointments will not be generated and the student will not be able to attend the class
  • For changes to credit or debit card (payment methods) or email address or phone number, (please refer to How do I to learn how to update your credit card or contact information).


  • Classes are offered strictly as per appointment only. Students can only attend classes that are on their Appointment schedule. We will not be able to take students who does not have a pre-scheduled appointment.
  • Attendance matters, so make sure that the student is on time every time as per their Appointment schedule
  • If the student is not able to attend a pre-scheduled class, make sure to update the appointment at least 24 hours before the class, else we will not be able to give a makeup class (Refer How do I to learn to update appointments)
  • Please do not text, email or call to edit appointments. We cannot edit appointments on behalf of students.
  • Make up classes must be taken in the same 4 weeks billing cycle
  • We cannot provide any makeup classes for cancellations or missed classes if appointment is not updated 24 hours before the class or if the make up class is not taken in the same billing period


  • No food or drinks are allowed in the class
  • Cell phones are not allowed to be used during class. If a student needs to use their cell phone, they have to ask for permission and step out of the class to use their phone
  • Appropriate action will be taken against any student indulging in any misbehavior or intentional disturbance during the class
  • All homework must be duly completed and submitted by the due date
  • Students must bring a notebook, pen or pencil and eraser, and a folder to keep all worksheets