What is covered in the UK SATs?


The Keys Stage 1 SAT consists of 1 Grammar and Punctuation test, 1 Spelling test, 2 Reading tests and 2 Math tests Test Marks Time Details Grammar & Punctuation 20 20 minutes questions is a combined question and answer booklet focusing on pupils’ knowledge of grammar, punctuation and vocabulary. Spelling 20 15 minutes Consists [...]

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How long are the UK SATs?


Testing time is not monitored, but generally students are expected to complete the test as per the table below: Key Stage 1 - for students in Grade 2 Grammar and Punctuation - 20 mins Spelling - 15 mins Reading 1 - 30 mins Reading 2 - 40 mins Math 1 - 15 mins Math 2 [...]

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How are the UK SATs scored?


Here’s how UK SATs scoring works. You’re given a point for every question you get right (there’s no penalty or point deduction for wrong answers). The total number of questions you get right on each test equals your raw score. Your raw score for each test is then converted into a scaled score. This is [...]

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