TerraNova Test

What is covered in the TerraNova?


TerraNova tests cover reading, math, language, science and social studies topics. -     Reading covers oral comprehension, basic understanding, text analysis and reading and writing strategies. -     Language covers sentence structure, writing strategies and editing skills. -    Math covers number relations, estimation, basic operation, measurement, geometry, statistics, probability, algebra and problem solving. -    Science covers physical, life, earth and space [...]

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How is the TerraNova scored?


The scores are returned in National Percentiles The 50th percentile means that a student is on grade level. The following are types of scores used to report the TerraNova test results: Scaled score National Percentile Rank and Stanine ACSI Percentile Rank Normal Curve Equivalent Cognitive Skills Index (PTCS and InView) Anticipated Achievement Score (PTCS and [...]

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