SAT Test

What is covered in the SAT?


The SAT questions are divided into four sections 2 Math sections and 2 English sections. Test Section Questions Time Details Reading 52 65 minutes Main Ideas, Details, Inferences, Word Meanings, Author’s Purpose and Tone, Opinions and Arguments, Predictions Writing 44 35 minutes Vocabulary, Verbal Reasoning, Ability to Relate Ideas Logically Quantitative (Math) 38 (Calculator [...]

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How is the SAT scored?


Scoring for the Math and Evidence-Based Reading & Writing Sections Students earn 1 point for each correct answer Students neither earn nor lose points for questions skipped or answered incorrectly Raw scores of each section are then converted to scaled scores Scaled scores for each section range between 200 and 800. Total scores range between [...]

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Where can I take a sample SAT test?


You can take the SAT sample test at any of our centers for FREE to assess your skills or you can also take the Practice SAT here:

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