What is covered in the OLSAT?


The OLSAT is comprised of both verbal and nonverbal questions, measuring a student's ability to cope with school learning tasks. In all, there are 21 different question types on the OLSAT. On the test, students will need to: Follow directions Detect likenesses and differences Recall words and numbers Classify items Establish sequences Solve arithmetic problems Complete analogies The OLSAT is [...]

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How long is the OLSAT?


The OLSAT test is administered at seven levels, depending on the student's age: OLSAT Level A, OLSAT Level B, OLSAT Level C, OLSAT Level D, OLSAT Level E, OLSAT Level F, and OLSAT Level G. The table below shows what grades each level corresponds with: Level Grade A Pre-K and K B 1st Grade [...]

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How is the OLSAT scored?


Students earn points for each question they answer correctly, but do not lose points for skipping or incorrectly answering a question. When the test is graded, a child is first given a raw score, which provides the number of questions answered correctly out of the total number of questions (e.g., 46/60). Once the raw score [...]

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