What is covered in the HSPT?


The HSPT is divided into 5 test sections as below:   Test Section Questions Time Details Verbal Skills 60 16 minutes Synonyms Antonyms Analogies Logic Verbal classifications Quantitative Skills 52 30 minutes Number series Geometry Number manipulation Non-geometric comparisons Reading 62 25 minutes Vocabulary Reading passages Main idea Recalling facts in context Mathematics 64 45 [...]

What is covered in the HSPT?2017-10-05T16:37:47-04:00

How is the HSPT scored?


Your score report of HSPT will display the following: Scores on each test section in the form of national percentiles: These percentiles indicate your performance in respect of the other test-takers who have taken the HSPT. For instance, if your Reading Skills score is 50, then it means that you have performed better than 50 [...]

How is the HSPT scored?2017-10-07T10:56:10-04:00


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