11 Plus Exam

What is covered in the 11 Plus?


The content and structure of the 11+ exam varies between different areas of the country, but it will generally focus on a combination of the following four subjects: English Maths Verbal reasoning Non-verbal reasoning Although the content of the English and Maths tests tend to follow the National Curriculum, verbal and non-verbal reasoning are not [...]

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How long is the 11 Plus exam?


Depending on which 11+ Test the student is taking, the test times varies from no time limit to 30 minutes to 50 minutes. Note that the time limits described above is for each test. There are 4 tests: Verbal Reasoning Non Verbal Reasoning Maths English

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When is the 11 Plus exam administered?


If your child goes to a local authority primary school, they’ll sit the 11+ in one of their classrooms. If they go to another type of school, they’ll be asked to take it at a central location like a local grammar school. Testing day depends on where you live, although it’s often early on in [...]

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How is the 11 Plus scored?


England has 164 grammar schools, 85% of which are academies at liberty to set their own individual admissions criteria including the type of entrance tests they set and what weighting is given to each one. The actual marks from these tests, referred to as raw marks, are never disclosed, instead parents are given Standard Age [...]

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Where can I get more information about 11 Plus?


With no published curriculum and many schools preferring not to publish the content of their exams, it can sometimes be difficult to find out more information about the 11+. Good sources of information include: Your Local Authority The schools you're applying to

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