The NJASK reports both raw and scale scores. A raw score is the total number of points a student earns on a test. A scale score is simply a conversion of that raw score, using a predetermined mathematical algorithm, to permit legitimate and meaningful comparisons over time and across grades and content areas.

The total scores in Science are reported as scale scores with a range of 100 to 300. The scale score for Science is a total score based on a combination of correct answers to multiple-choice items and the number of points received for constructed-response items.

The score ranges for the proficiency levels are as follows:

Advanced Proficient: 250–300
Proficient: 200–249
Partially Proficient: 100–199

Partially Proficient is considered to be below the state minimum level of proficiency. Students at this proficiency level may need additional instructional support, which could be in the form of individual or programmatic intervention.