Introducing Chess Classes in Secaucus. Join the Accel Chess Club and get ready to compete globally!

Chess Classes
Accel Learning offers Chess Classes to students of all ages.
We also send top players to represent us at top Chess Competitions

Why play Chess?

Chess has long been the game of gentleman, geniuses, philanthropists and other gifted people. This has formed an incredibly wide misconception around the word that ONLY geniuses and gifted people can play the game and it is strictly designed for them.

The reality of chess is different – it actually is an incredibly beneficial pastime, because playing chess results in better brain function, improved memory and cognitive abilities, strategic thinking and attention improvement.

Here are the top 10 benefits of playing Chess:

  1. It can raise your IQ
  2. It exercises both sides of the brain
  3. It increases your creativity
  4. It improves your memory
  5. It increases problem-solving skills
  6. It improves reading skills
  7. It improves focus
  8. It teaches planning and foresight
  9. It improves cognitive abilities
  10. It helps in strategic thinking

Why play Chess

So, get ready for some Brain exercise with Chess!

What’s covered in our Chess Classes?

Accel Learning Chess Classes are offered to students of all ages and skill level.

During the class, students learn the techniques and strategies of playing chess by playing against each other, against the teacher and also get printed game plays for practice at home.

There are 3 skills levels. Depending on the student’s ability and skill, they would be placed at the appropriate level.

Basic level – This is where students new to chess would start. Here they learn the basics of chess, rules and techniques to play. Once they gain a level of expertise, the students move to the next level

Intermediate level – Students already familiar with chess and have demonstrated a certain level of skill get to this level. In this level, the students hone their skills with exercises, competing with advanced level students and practicing at home with exercises provided by us.

Advanced level – Students who have consistently shown wins against advanced students enter this level. Advanced students get a chance to represent us at Chess competitions at state, national and even global levels.

Our class sizes are kept at a minimum to allow for personalized attention.

Our instructor

Johanna Soto has been playing chess from the age of 6. Her father was her chess coach and she immediately got hooked to the game. Johanna is a graduate of Ramapo College where she studies Law, Society and Psychology. She is passionate about chess and has been teaching it for the last 8 years. Johanna has worked with hundreds of children across multiple schools in the tristate area. She has built her own curriculum for chess and helps children learn chess through her company NJ Chess Mates.

Schedule of Classes

We currently offer Chess Classes on Wednesdays and Fridays from 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm.

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