[xyz-ihs snippet=”Student-Articles”] BrainHow much do you really know about your brain? The truth is that we still don’t know everything there is to know about the human brain despite many other advances in science. However we know many more facts today than we did years ago. For example: Did you know that how big your brain is has nothing to with your intelligence? In fact Albert Einstein’s brain was slightly smaller than the average human brain, yet he still was far more intelligent than many people with slightly larger brains. Another interesting fact about your brain is that it has no pain receptors. This is what allows patients to be awake while their brain is being operated on. You really can’t feel anything but I don’t think I am going to test it out. Something about the way your brain works is that the right part of your brain controls the left part of your body and the left part of your brain controls the right part of your body. The left and right sides of the brain also control different things. The right side is visual, emotional, and creative, while the left is logical and analytical and is that part where your brain does math. Many artists are prominently right brained while famous mathematicians and scientists are prominently left brained. With so much that we know there is so much to still be discovered. Questions like: Why do we dream? or Is our personality determined are our brain? have troubled scientists for a long time. Who knows when these questions will be answered or how, so all that we can do is try!