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Episode 1: The crisis has happened

IssacAnd cut! Ambrose Isaacs, known as the most preeminent film producer in the USA, was murdered. Due to this crisis some of the world’s most efficient and expertise detectives are investigating it. One of them is detective Jonas E. (Eiffel) Germaine. The death was declared all around the country by news casting and newspapers (every type including the New York Times). Ambrose produced about 357 movies before his murder. The last movie he made was “The Twilight under the Moon”. It was the record breaking movie rated with 5 stars. He was 41 when he produced the film. The producer’s age was 43 when was murdered.

Jonas E. Germaine is a confident and sophisticated detective or investigator. Jonas solved about 85 mysteries, but this was the most severe crisis he had in his life. As a child Jonas loved to see movies and shows about mysteries. This explains why he is so good at them. Jonas is now at the age of 37. The last enigma he solved was when Adin Hefley’s daughter, Mia Hefley was kidnapped. That was when he was 36. They found her in Arkansas.
RRRIINNNGG!!! Jonas picked up his office’s ear-piercing telephone.

“Hello!” he exclaimed “This is Jonas E. Germaine, a preeminent investigator you’re talking to”. No one answered for a while. CLINK Jonas was flustered as he put down the telephone. As soon as he touched his pen the telephone rang simultaneously with his iPhone in his new jeans. RING! DA! DA DONN! RING! Jonas reluctantly took out his iPhone before his telephone.

‘Look at the news!” some old man with a creaky voice bellowed. Then, Jonas soporifically picked up his little shabby telephone. The selfsame old man cried again, “He’s murdered!” Jonas was confused and in a flash he took out his handy news computer.

“Breaking News! Ambrose Isaacs was murdered at the Artisan Entertainment film company. We are now trying to let the investigators know. Back to you Jacob…” Jonas was bomb shelled when he heard the announcement. He was at the edge of his seat. The detective and fan of Ambrose, thought of him running pell-mell everywhere to solve the case, but it would be worth a try. Jonas called his kin to tell them about the new case and subsequently had an idea. He thought of inquiring the man who called him to get the first suspect and a bit more information.

The detective went in the latest calls selection and pressed the button that said call back.

“Yeeess” a voice belonging to an old fellow groaned and bellowed. It sounded like old lazy Pete! The serious investigator ran out of the U.S.A. national detective headquarters and down Terrence St. after he turned off the phone. The stout man stopped at 277 Terrence St. It was a small, grey shabby house. The front yard was nothing but thorny weeds and litter. The de-formatted silver knob turned and the door pushed open before Jonas could even touch it. “Peculiar” thought Jonas. To be polite, he knocked on the door and waited for someone to come. Unfortunately, the enigma-solver lost his patience and busted the weak and off hinged door.

Wood pieces slid across the dark hardwood floor and, spider and dust webs gathered around him.

“Is anyone even in here?” he called out. Jonas looked around.

“Yes” a creaky voice answered by the door. Jonas looked behind and saw Pete. Pete was a hunchback and is a town senior.

“Hello, what a nice day” said Jonas.

“It would if it weren’t for you to break my 57 year old door” Pete complained.

“Sorry for that Mr. Duisunberg.”

“Anyways, why are you here?”

“To inquire.”

“Inquire? Me? You can’t. I’m Pete Mc Duisunberg. How can I do murder or something. I am old. Do you get it? Huh? Jonas realized how he only said murder and not anything else. The investigator swiftly ran between the two openings where the door had been. “That’s right” Pete yelled as Jonas left. The case-solver went right to the St. Paul police station to look at Pete’s criminal record. Before Jonas could walk pass the two marble pillars that had the words police department engraved on them, two guards commanded him to halt. One was long and slim while the other exhausted guard was filled with fat and was as circular as the surface of a dome on the Saperaud Cathedral.

“What and why?” asked Jonas.

“First tell us why are you here and who are you.”

“I, worldwide detective and investigator Jonas E. Germaine has come here to solve Mr. Isaacs’ murder crisis” he exclaimed rapidly.

“Why did you have to come here” asked the exhausted guard.

“To look at a suspect’s case” he answered.

“You may continue the case Mr. Blah blah blah” said the slim guard. Jonas walked on, ignoring the plump man’s high pitched laugh. Inside, a young man was sitting at the reception area. Beside him, a sign had written the name Pablo. Before Jonas could even say anything, Pablo got up and left a note. Jonas read:

To the man who saw me walk away, just so you understand, I know you very well and I also know what you‘re up to. Please don’t think I’m the person. I can’t do anything wrong. I’m just a person who a guest can ask help for. I had a job for newswriting. Everyone said I was very good, but I was too slow. So I got fired. Please don’t write me down as a suspect.

Sincerely, Pablo Rodriguez

Episode 2: Rivalry Begins (preview)

“Security get him!” Jonas exclaimed. Five fine fit men ferociously chased him. As Pablo “innocently” speed-walked as his shinny bald head glared in the light and his handkerchief whooshed through the air…

To Be Continued
Episode 2: Coming soon!