[xyz-ihs snippet=”Student-Articles”]Shopping
Here is an excuse that will always want you to go shopping, even when you are upset.
For some people sadness is a lack of control but, for other people it might stem for something entirely. Polls taken on the internet and for experiments shows that shopping makes about sixty- two people happy and about twenty- eight percent not happy.
An example of an experiment conducted is splitting groups of shoppers into their style of shopping. A group of scientists split up a group of shoppers into two groups, “browsers” and “choosers”. “Browsers” are people that like to window shop. “Choosers” are the people that choose their products wisely. The each person in the two groups were shown a total of twelve products. Each group had to choose four items they wanted to buy. The items scaled from slippers to headphones. Results show that 79 percent “choosers” felt more in control while choosing, compared with 2 percent of “browsers”. “Choosers” were also three times less sad.
This and many other studies show that shopping choices help to restore a sense of personal control over one’s environment which than helps to alleviate sadness. So the next time you feel knackered or upset go grab your wallet and go shopping!