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PARCC StudentThere has been a really big debate going around on whether you should take the PARCC or not, and on whether it is really as important as your older state standardized test. The PARCC is nothing but a test that is replacing your original standardized test. The only difference from your old standardized test is the PARCC is going to be taken on the computer and the pupil will have to take it as little as two times or at most four times (depending in what state you are taking it in).
Most parents are still debating on whether their child should take the PARCC or not. According to school districts and administrators students should take the PARCC but when it comes to the parent/guardian things tend take a little detour and everyone has their own opinions. According to me, I think the pupil should take the PARCC and try it out. Since the PARCC has nothing against your placement in the next grade, your report card, or even if you should be left back. I hold this stance because the PARCC is only going to be taking a trial test this year. They are “testing the test”. Taking it all depends on your and the child’s opinion.
Taking the test all depends on the importance of the test itself. The test is definitely more important than the original state standardized test you had earlier. The PARCC helps compare the students’ performance from state to state, school to school, and maybe even country to country. This way if you go to a high school in Massachusetts you don’t have to take another test if you want to go to a high school in New York. Comparing scores will be easier and ranking students by their intelligence will also help with the future of education. So… are you up for it?