You can build Games and Apps too…!

Build Games
Smart phones have become an integral part of our lifestyle and with that the app stores have swelled with apps for almost anything. The Gaming category in apps is the largest and still the fastest growing. We know everyone loves to play a good game. How cool would it be to build one yourself?

With Accel Learning’s unique approach, even kids as young as 6 year olds can learn to build their own games as Smart phone apps!


What’s covered in App Development and Game Design?

Students will cover the following in about 15 hours of classes with lessons and exercises:

  • Learn App building skills by building a Game for Smart phones
  • Unleash creative energy by designing your own characters, Game layout, Story board, logic and more…
  • Learn to build the games you love to play on your phones!
  • Learn smart phone Game building using either Multimedia Fusion (MMF) or STENCYL or both
  • Develop and Publish your own Games on the App Store!

So, start building the games you like to play!

Enroll with Accel Learning and learn something useful this Summer.