[xyz-ihs snippet=”Student-Articles”] music_and_mathDoes music really help you study better? Music is one of the few activities that stimulates all parts of your brain. However, can it actually enhance your ability to get work done? According to many scientific studies it actually can! The Mozart Effect says that listening to music can help you think out “out of the box” solutions to logical problems. Another study confirms that listening to music activates parts of the brain that don’t get activated otherwise when studying o learning. These parts control paying attention and remembering details, two very important things. So, what kind of music should you listen to? The best music to listen to is classical music usually, Mozart or Beethoven. However, any calm and low volume songs without words can have almost the same effect. It is important for the songs to not have lyrics because these words can be distracting. Finally, although many people believe that music will distract them from studying, working, or learning, they are wrong. Music is a great natural way to focus and do better studying/learning. So, the next time you study, try turning on some appropriate music and get to work!