Are you ready for the Math Olympiads?

Math Competition

Accel Learning is proud to announce our that:

  1. Our center has been approved to train students participating in the Math Olympiads, Math League and Math Kangaroo competitions
  2. Students can sign up for our Math Competition classes and get professional training from us.
  3. Students can participate in the competition at the Accel Learning Center in Secaucus!

Mathematics competitions such as Math Olympiads, MATHCOUNTS, Math League, Math Kangaroo and the American Mathematics Competitions are extracurricular math programs with the widest participation. The most immediate value of these math contests is to pique students’ interest in mathematics and encourage them to value intellectual pursuits.

What’s covered in Math Competition Prep Course?

  • Involves intensive Math training course to compete in the Math Olympiads
  • Learn some of the coolest and smartest Math tricks
  • Learn to solve difficult Math problems in seconds
  • Improve Math aptitude to tackle challenging Math questions
  • Get recognition and certification that can help you differentiate from the crowd

Additional Info:

  • Good for students entering 4th grade up to 8th grade
  • Sessions are for 2 hours each week
  • You can register for Math League or Math Olympiad or both
  • Classes from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm on Mondays (for 2 hours every week)

Sign up now and win your gold medal in Math.