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Today is Pi Day – 3/14/15

We have Pi days every year on 3/14, but today’s day is special.
Today’s date aligns to the first 5 digits of the value of Pi!
The next time we will have this setting of numbers will happen on 3/14/2125 – 100 years from now!!

Here’s our tribute to the greatest irrational number we have discovered…
If I gave you a 3
and a 1,4,1,5
You’d have the start
Of the greatest number alive

If Pi were reduced
To a mere 3
The circles of the world
Would be hexagonal, you see

What may seem minor
Just might be big
So grab some pie
And do some trig!

Three point one four one five nine
Makes the lazy student whine,
But give this ratio a try-
You’ll find that it’s as easy as pi!
So don’t be shy… just enjoy this day of Pi!