Publish Articles

At Accel Learning, we would like to encourage students to write.

Writing helps them not only improve their communication (language) skills, but also helps them express their ideas, opinions and views with others.

Accel Learning would like to support students who would like to share their ideas with the world! With that goal, we are happy to announce that we will publish articles from students on Accel Learning’s website.

Before you start writing your article, please read the FAQs below:

Who can submit articles for publication?

Anyone from grade 1 to 12 can submit their articles for publication. Even if they are not students of Accel Learning, we will still publish their articles… as long as they meet the quality standards.

How can I submit articles?

Simply, email us your article in MS Word format on learn(at)accellearning(dot)com.

What type of Articles can be submitted for publication?

Any topic, any type… Fact or Fiction… News or Opinion…

How can I make sure that my article meets your quality standards?

Make sure that the article is kosher to publish… that means that they are not racists, gender biased, factually incorrect or inflammatory. Also, most important, is that the article should be your original work… not copied off from anywhere. We will not published plagiarized (aka copied) articles. Then, make sure that your article has correct grammar and the right choice of words. Make sure that your article is at a level that matches your grade. Also, the length of the article should be at least 500 words or more.

How soon will you publish the articles once you approve them?

Within a week. We will send you an email with the link of the published artciles too. So you can share it with family and friends!

How do I get credit for my article?

The article will be posted on Accel Learning’s Blog page in your name. This way, you get full credit for the article.

What happens if my article is rejected?

If your article does not meet our criteria and quality, we will let you know and give you another opportunity to edit and resubmit the article.

Should you have any more questions, simply contact us.