Unlock Creativity through Art

Art Classes

Accel Learning’s Fine Arts Classes offers a one of its kind learning opportunity that covers a wide spectrum of arts from:

Art Classes

  • Sketching – simple sketching on paper
  • Drawing – using pencil, charcoal and colored pens
  • Stippling – make a creation out of dots
  • Painting – using water colors and acrylic colors
  • Sculpting – build your own creature from clay
  • Origami – make animals by folding paper
  • Cutouts – decorate with cutout designs
  • Computer Graphics – draw and paint using a computer

Our Art Instructor: Lara Arbore

A few words about Lara…
Lara received her Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from Montclair State University where she concentrated in painting, illustration and sculpture. The motivation behind her work is in creating visually stimulating art that will evoke emotion, open the mind and encourage conversation. Her work is inspired by nature, astrology, the balance of the masculine and feminine energy as well as the inner self with the outer world. Her freelance work has been on the rise as she feels grateful to create personalized pieces that touch the individual.

Lara instructs adult, family and children’s painting classes at Pinot’s Palette in Montclair. She is also the designated face painter at Snyder’s Farm in Somerset NJ, works fundraisers and private parties to bring imagination to reality. Her passion lives in sharing, teaching and communicating through artistic expression. She seeks to ignite the creativity that is hiding in the depths of all people in places we have yet to explore. She believes the greatest gift in life is to learn from whom you teach.

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