[xyz-ihs snippet=”Student-Articles”] alienWe really don’t even know if aliens exist. But we do know that there might be life on a few planets. Even if we do find an alien civilization will they have the same mathematical techniques as us? Or will it be different? You may think there isn’t an answer to this ingenious question but there is. Let’s take a look at a simple problem like 2+2 for example. Will the aliens solve this a different way most likely, yes. But will they get the same answer, yes (with confident). You might ask, why and how can you be so sure. Here is an answer to your question that will calm your curious mind down. The beauty of math is that no matter which technique you use you will always get the same answer. Yes aliens may have a different language and ways to write their numbers but there answer will always be the same as ours. Or in other words it will be correct. To us 2+2=4. For them it might be | + |
Which also is going to be equal to 4. No matter what language you right 2+2 or any mathematical problem the answer will always be the same.
Yes they may have a different approach to math and have different thoughts to word problems or that numbers can go on forever. If you really think about there is no right or wrong. Now that is something else you must think about.