Raise your Bergen County Academies BCA Exam scores with this online practice test. This course covers unlimited practice tests for the Math section of the BCA Test.

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Practice BCA tests unlimited times in 3 modes:

  • Warm-up Test – A short 5 questions test to help you warm up
  • Non-Timed Test – Full length test with 40 questions non-timed, so you can go on your own pace
  • Challenge Test – Full length test with 40 questions timed just like the real test

Dynamic Tests: All tests are auto generated from a large collection of question bank. Each attempt of any test is like taking a new practice test with different questions. So, go ahead and practice your way to perfection!

BCA Exam


The Bergen County Academies (BCA) Entrance Exam must be taken by students in grade 8 seeking admission to the Bergen County Academies. The Bergen County Academies, has seven academic and professional divisions. It is a tuition-free public magnet high school located in Hackensack, New Jersey that serves students from Bergen County, New Jersey. Admission to the Academies is highly competitive, as the school typically accepts about 270 of the more than 1,600 applicants every year (~16% admissions rate) through a process that includes letters of recommendation, exams, and interviews.

BCA Exam Summary

Who can take the test?Students from grade 8
When is the test conducted?The entrance tests will occurs in January – February each year.
What is the Format of the test?All questions are multiple choice
What is the medium of the test?Paper based
What are the Topics covered in the test?The Bergen Academies Entrance Test consists of Math and English.

The English Test
Students are given forty-five minutes to read a passage and write an essay response. The essay is scored using the following criteria: comprehension (shows understanding), insight (establishes a clear thesis), organization (paragraphs are structured properly and are in a logical sequence), support (supports the thesis with relevant facts from the passage), style (written in a clear, mature voice) and grammar/spelling.

The Math Test
The math test consists of 40 multiple choice questions for which students are given sixty minutes. The questions focus on basic math skills and word problems, with the first twenty being generally easier than the last twenty. Students who take algebra and geometry in middle school typically fare better on our entrance test.
How long is the test?Testing takes approximately 2 hours and 45 minutes.
The Math test is 60 minutes and the English test is 45 minutes.
The rest of the time is for seating applicants, distributing the test material and collecting the answer sheets.
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