Free Sample Iowa Assessments Grade 4 Science

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Sample Iowa Assessments Grade 4 Science

This test is a non-timed test with 10 sample questions for you to try. Students can check the answer for each question.

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Understand the functions of cell organelles.

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1) 1. Fill in the blank.
The __________ of a cell is like a leader, directing and telling the different parts of the cell what to do.

Assume that is a plant cell

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2) This picture shows an animal cell. Name the part labeled #3.

Difference between animal cell and plant cell.

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3) Which of the following plant cell parts gives the plant support and is not part of animal cells?

Understand the meaning of each option.

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4) Which of these is necessary for an ecosystem to be healthy?

The concept of camouflage.

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5) Instructions: Read each question carefully and circle the correct answer.

The snowshoe hare lives in the cold north. During the summer months, the hare has brown fur, but during the snowy winter months, its fur changes to white. How does the ability to change fur color help the snowshoe hare?

What looks like a weapon?

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6) Which picture shows the foot of an animal that hunts other animals for food?

What is the term for hiding?

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7) Fill in the blank.
A flounder is a type of fish. The flounder can change its color to match the surroundings. If a shark approaches, the flounder lays still, blending into the sandy ocean bottom.

This is known as __________.

Observe the change in size.

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8) How has this plant changed over time?


Look for the clues

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9) Solve this riddle.

I come in many shapes and sizes.
I am the first stage in a life cycle.
A plant will grow from me.

What am I?

Observe the change in size.

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10) Which picture fills in the missing step?


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